Sweet Things


Frances Santiago

"Oh Lourdes! thanks for your excellent work. it was a great pleasure to have met you and to do business with you. May you continue to be so successful"


Vanessa Santiago

"I wouldn't have written this if it weren't true! When my mom promised that the cake would be pretty and taste good I didn't believe her because I've never seen a cake that was as pretty and tasty! Yours was the BEST cake I've ever seen/eaten and so many of our other guests said the same thing! Thank you so much."


Ayra Matias

"Excellent service and disposition! The cakes and cookies taste divinely! My guests have always been satisfied as well as I"


Rosa Reyes

"Margarita cupcake... delicious... now to try the mojito flavor... which should taste as delicious!!!! Congrats Lulu on your wonderful flavors!!!"


Coriness Pineyro

"Everything is delicious! Also an excellent service! What you get is exactly what you ordered."


Vanessa Santiago

"If you are thinking about hiring Lourdes to make your wedding cake, I highly recommend going with it! I never thought that a wedding cake could be both beautiful AND delicious but it was! She made us three different cakes and all our guests are still raving about how delicious they all were! Thank you Lourdes for an amazing cake that people are still talking about."


Nati Caceres

I met Lu at Chuck E Cheese's on july 22nd 2012, she was celebrating a birthday with a cake made by her and decided to share a piece with my son and me. When both of us tried the cake we fell so in love with it that we decided then and there never to buy any other cake that wasn't hers. I turned around to ask her info because from that day on I would only eat her cakes. Said and Done because to this day I would never change her cakes for anyone else's in the world.


Milie Santos

I met Lourdes through my daughter in law when she told me that she finally found the person who was going to be making all of our cakes. She said call her and order a cake and let me know what you think. When I tried that first cake I thought that it was the best cake I've ever tasted so much to the point that I order something from her every month, it may be cupcakes or a small cake even if there's no reason to celebrate per se, I just celebrate that her cakes are the best in the world with an exceptional service. She is an amazing person and her service is incredibly good!!!

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