About Lu's Candy


Our goal is to make our clients sweet dreams come true. Whatever you imagine we will make our best to make it true. Every order is special and important to us and that is why no two designs will be quite the same.


We offer a variety of baked goods, have available edible images where the possibilities are endless. We offer full packages for your special day from the cake to the candy bar and personalized souvenirs. We pride ourselves in offering the freshest products which is why we require you put orders at least three weeks before the desired date, still we will answer any requests made in less time and will do our best to accommodate you without risking the quality of our products.


We are located in Bayamón, Puerto Rico and offer delivery to the whole island, free of charge to the metro area, all other areas will have an additional charge.


Let Us BAKE your sweet dreams come TRUE…

Nati Caceres

I met Lu at Chuck E Cheese's on july 22nd 2012, she was celebrating a birthday with a cake made by her and decided to share a piece with my son and me. When both of us tried the cake we fell so in love with it that we decided then and there never to buy any other cake that wasn't hers. I turned around to ask her info because from that day on I would only eat her cakes. Said and Done because to this day I would never change her cakes for anyone else's in the world.

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