Welcome to Lu's Candy!


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Welcome to Lu’s Candy!

Hello Everyone! This is the first time I write a blog and I’m super exited to share it with you.



I wanted to welcome everyone to our website and hope you like what you see here. This has been a dream of mine since I was a young girl helping my mom make her shortbread cookies ( usually I had the task of creaming the butter and sugar BY HAND! which is a job I have saved for my little boy when it comes the time) or licking the bowl after she poured the carrot cake or chocolate cake batter on to the cake molds. So I grew up around her making all sorts of delicious treats and it rubbed off on me :). I can say that it is me carrying on her sweet legacy and sharing it with all of you, up to this day I can honestly and proudly say that her recipe for carrot cake is one of my most acclaimed cakes. So Thank You Mom!



Remembering back on childhood memories, which included whatever new Disney movie was released, watching over a 100 times 🙂 and of course getting to help out in the baking tasks, and maybe playing around with the neighborhood kids, I can almost smell the cookies baking. So those sweet aromas would bring me back to the 90’s and do I wish I could go back and stay there for a while.




Do you have things that bring back memories? What are things that you remember doing with your mom/dad that still bring you happiness today? Or that you find yourselves doing with your kids or nice/nephews? Or you just remember the things we where made to do “for fun” but really was a way to make us help out?




I would love to read what you can come up with! In my case it worked to my advantage as I can know say I have a business doing what I love!




Read you next time! In the mean time…


I’ll keep Baking Your Sweet Dreams Come True

Lourdes Berrios in Mom’s arms

Lourdes Berrios | Lu's Candy

Lourdes Berrios | Lu’s Candy


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